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Full Spectrum RSO: A Breakdown

Posted by Tweedle Farms on Jan 5th 2023


At Tweedle Farms, we are on an eternal quest to offer our customers the highest quality cannabis products. As such, we have spent the last year honing in on, what we feel is, a pitch perfect whole plant, full spectrum extract that you can find here.

Some may call this type of product FECO (Full Extract Canna Oil) or RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), but we have decided to go with Full Spectrum RSO. Why, you ask? Well, our Full Spectrum RSO has the consistency one would expect from RSO with the wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes that one would expect from FECO.


Now, you may be wondering…

What is RSO?

RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is a high potency extract of decarboxylated cannabinoids. It is made using whole CBD flower (aka hemp flower), and as a result, is a true full spectrum extract.

What is FECO?

FECO, or Full Extract Canna Oil, is (like RSO) a high potency cannabis extract, also made using whole cannabis flower, or in our case, CBD flower.

What’s the difference between RSO and FECO?

Both extracts are made using whole CBD flower and both styles of extraction are typically done using alcohol as their primary solvent. Where the processes differ is in the temperature at which the alcohol is cooked out of the finished extract.

RSO typically calls for a shorter period of high heat, whereas FECO calls for a lower temperature over a longer period of time.

To be clear, neither extract can be called better. Instead, they are both prized for different characteristics.

RSO excels in its content of decarboxylated cannabinoids. Why is this preferable? Well, previously decarboxylated cannabinoids typically produce effects that are more readily palpable for the user.

FECO, on the other hand, will often contain a higher concentration of raw cannabinoids (aka plant acids), as well as terpenes. While raw cannabinoids do not have an effect that can be immediately recognized as “strong,” they have been found to generally have a higher level bioavailability, meaning that they might actually be working more efficiently with your endocannabinoid system even though they can’t be “felt.” You can read more about that here.

Curious to get even more in-depth about RSO and FECO? Read all about it here. Our blog post even includes step-by-step instructions on how to make RSO.

How to use our Full Spectrum RSO

Typically, it is ingested, but it can also be smoked or even used as a suppository.

Let’s break down each method. We’ll end with ingestion, as that method of delivery will be accompanied by a dosage calendar.

How to Use our Full Spectrum RSO Topically

According to Simpson, it is best to dilute the RSO with grain alcohol before using it topically. You can do this by filling a 30ml tincture bottle ¾ of the way, adding a couple drops of RSO, and letting the extract infuse into the alcohol.

Apply as needed to the affected area.

How to Smoke our Full Spectrum RSO

Lots of people ask - can you smoke RSO? The answer, of course, is YES!

Try adding a small dollop to the top of a bowl or into the tip of a joint.

Now, can you dab the Full Spectrum RSO?

Yep! Just squeeze a bit of the extract onto your dab tool and then drop it into your rig. DO NOT touch the tip of the syringe directly to the dab rig. Our syringes are made from medical-grade plastic and would likely melt (or, at the very least, warp) if exposed to that much heat.

How to Eat our Full Spectrum RSO (and How to Dose it Correctly!)

Our Full Spectrum RSO was formulated to be taken daily. We suggest squeezing out a small dollop about the size of a grain of rice and ingesting that along with a piece of fruit or something similar.

Because it contains a significant amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, it is a bitter extract, hence the suggestion to eat it along with something tasty.

Would you like to read the dosing schedule developed by the inventor RSO, Rick Simpson? You can do so here.
NOTE: Rick Simpson’s dosing schedule was developed to work the user up to taking 1 gram of extract per day. This is because he used RSO to treat a very serious medical condition and found this amount to be the most beneficial.

Let us be clear - we are not saying that our RSO should be or can be used to treat any medical condition.




These statements are not supported by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure or diagnosis any condition. 

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