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Our store and how we got here

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Canton CBD, owned by local entrepreneurs Jana and Steven Rice, is their brick and mortar retail store located in Canton, Georgia.  Since 2011, Jana and Steven Rice, along with their daughter, have been focused on turning their passions in health, wellness,  and providing exemplary customer service into their family business. Steven has worked in the hospitality/culinary industry for over 20 years and is a lifetime cannabis advocate. He has a Master's Certificate from Cannabis Training University where he grew his knowledge in the cannabis industry. Jana, a graduate of University of Georgia- school of Public Health, is passionate about health education. Their complimentary talents helped create today's business, shaping the friendly, well-educated experience you have grown to expect at their retail store and now online! They work to constantly curate their evolving inventory of the nation's best CBD, Delta 8, and other hemp-derived THC products for the best customer outcome. The staff uses a customer-focused approach to suggest the best products for each person and pet's best results. Canton CBD is dedicated to changing with the industry while never sacrificing quality or service along the way.

Because they couldn't find everything they were looking for in the marketplace, these seasoned entrepreneurs created their own cannabis brand, New Ground Cannabis Company. The store's house brand is proudly offered at select stores in the South East and brings industry leading, hemp-derived cannabinoids to market. While they expand where their products are offered, they strive to break new ground along with science to bring the best formulations, effectiveness, affordability, and innovative cannabinoids to their customers. Cannabis is a constantly changing industry where legality, safety, and quality are always their goals.

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