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Here you will find general information on our most commonly asked questions.


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That is a great question, for your doctor. In fact, your pharmacist is your best partner to make sure that whatever you take from our store is compatible with your pharmaceuticals. For example, some blood thinners are not recommended to take with CBD, unless under the supervision of your doctor.


Probably the most commonly asked question is the legality of what we sell. Our store owners are meticulous about the legality of all products in the store making sure they meet federal and any state regulations. In short, everything in the store and online is federally compliant in reference to the Farm Bill of 2018 that legalized Hemp and its isomers as long as the Delta 9 THC content is less than 0.3% on a dry weight basis.

“Dry weight” is the measurement of an object’s mass when completely dried. In other words, when laboratories remove all the water from a hemp plant, they calculate the Delta-9 percentage based on the remaining dry weight. If the number remains below 0.3%, the plant is compliant.

This is a very specifically worded law regarding Delta 9 THC content, not Delta 8, Delta 10 or other derivates (isomers) from the hemp plant. 


We advise that the use of our products may result in a positive drug test. While many of our clients that need to pass a drug screen have safely used THC-free CBD products in the Broad Spectrum and Isolate category, any product containing any amount of THC, including all full-spectrum CBD products, can result in a positive drug test. The length of time THC stays in your system is individualized, however we advise that worst case scenario THC may be detectible for up to 45 days after last consumption.

Because hemp-derived thc products are so chemically and structurally similar to marijuana-derived thc products, when conducting a drug screen, it will show you consumed cannabis without classifying if it was hemp-derived or marijuana-derived. 

If the organization you are testing for has a no thc policy, using hemp-derived thc is also likely not compliant and will result in a positive (failed) drug test.

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