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Sage Bundle

Sage Bundle

  • Organic White Sage Smudge Sticks: Our 12 pack of 4 inch smudge sticks are made from high quality, organic white sage. Each stick is carefully hand-tied ensuring a premium, fresh sage experience. Perfect for rituals, healing, meditation, and home cleansing.
  • California Smudge Rituals: Recognized for its strong aromatic properties, this salvia plant is traditionally used in California smudge rituals. It's a great addition to your sage kit, providing a deeply calming ambiance during your rituals.
  • Home Cleansing and Negative Energy Clearing: White sage smudge is known for its powerful properties to cleanse a house of negative energy. Simply light the sage bundle, place it in your sage holder, and allow the sage incense to purify your space.
  • Salvia Blanca Para Limpiar: For our Spanish-speaking customers, these sage smudge sticks, or 'salvia blanca para limpiar', are perfect for spiritual cleansing and removing bad vibes. Use them as part of your smudge kit for a full energy cleanse.
  • Easy to Use and Safe: Simply light the sage smudge stick, place it in your sage holder and let the white sage incense fill your home. As part of your sage kit, it's made from the age of sage, ensuring a safe and natural cleansing.
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